I have been asked to identify some current  Scandinavian design trend in interior décor, and have collated some of my personal favourites below. Dirty pastels I’m sure no one has escaped this colour trend this season. Dusty rose, powder blue, matte yellow. Toned down, dirtied up and preferably matched with grey this is definitely the […]Continue Reading


Thought of the day: I took this photo at Röhsska Museet in Sweden last year and thought it was a pretty relevant question. What do you think? What is Swedish Design?Continue Reading


So, my last post was about my tow go-to museum shops and as it happens I’m on the hunt for some design posters for our living room, and what is my first stop for inspiration? You guessed it. Röhsska’s webshop and Fotografiska’s webshop. Unfortunately these webshops don’t ship to Australia. I’m lucky enough to have friends […]Continue Reading


My favourite part of going to museums is always the museum shop. To be honest I haven’t done much shopping at the Sydney Museums, but my two go-to Swedish design museum shops in Sweden are Röhsska Museet in Gothenburg and Fotografiska Museet in Stockholm (the do fabulous exhibitions too, of course). Röhsska Museet  is Sweden’s only museum of […]Continue Reading


The new colour range of the dot wall hooks are now available from my webshop Zakkia. Love the contrast between the naked wood and the pastel colours. My personal favourite is mixing the pastel pink with the Scandi patterns. So pretty! Shop these wall hooks here. Shop fromContinue Reading


This lovely apartment on Bondegatan in Stockholm is amazing! And it is only 35 square metres, talk about compact living in style. I especially love how nicely styled Swedish apartments are for their real estate ads – Australia has a lot to learn here!Continue Reading


The typography light in my last post about the String shelves is amazing, isn’t it? Good news – the Swedish company who make them – bxxlght – ship to Australia! I absolutely love these lights, and the fact that you can add your won letters and make up your own quote.Continue Reading


The String shelving systems were introduced 1949 – 60 years later it has transformed from being a revolutionary new idea to a beloved Scandinavian classic. I remember having a few of the early version ones in my house growing up. The below photos were styled by renown  Swedish Stylist Lotta Agaton and her team. Absolutely […]Continue Reading


I absolutely love Swedish interior design store Svenskt Tenn. Founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson, the iconic Josef Frank patterns have a strong connection to the store. But there are so many other lovely items too! Below is my Svenskt Tenn wishlist at the moment. 1.2349 table lamp 2.Dagg glass vase 3. Elefant Cushion 4. Vanskapsknut chandelier […]Continue Reading


I’m a little bit obsessed with pale pink as an accent colour right now! Images via Reginagrans.com & 49kvadrat.  Continue Reading